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Paradise Ocean Hotel Is Up Next!

Updated: Feb 8


Welcome back, Readers!!

Around the holidays last year, as I was writing part two of my newest book, Dark Waters, some of the family scenes were starting to get very heavy, so I wanted to do something light, fun, and completely different. I’m going back to finish book two this summer, but I’ve created a new project in the meantime. For the last few months, I’ve been working on a brand-new audiobook that will be split into three installments. Part one is titled Paradise Ocean Hotel. It’s a fun short story set in Miami Beach, Florida, with a cast of characters that took me back to when I worked at Extended Stay America (yes, I worked the front desk at a hotel😁 ). This audiobook is different from the projects I usually write; there’s not a lot of sex and heartbreak, but there is plenty of drugs and murder—right on brand for me, LOL!

I’ll post audio clips of the story here FIRST as the narrator completes them, with the full audiobook premiering on YouTube in March. Before then, I’ll be back to tell y’all more about the story, the process, the alternate cover for Paradise Ocean Hotel, and the second audiobook, Good Enough, coming later this year.

Thank you for sticking with me and all the wonderful reviews you post daily on my books and the ratings (fingers always crossed for 5 stars 🤞🏾). Please help me keep that momentum going with my future projects so I can continue to deliver what you want. I have so much work coming, but I cannot do it without you. I love you and thank you! 💙💙💙

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