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Dark Waters by Nick Haskins Virtual Book Tour!


Readers, hello and welcome back! I am so excited to share my new book release with you. Dark Waters is another installment in my African-American/Urban fiction book catalog, and it’s out right now on all the major book-selling sites!

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I want to give you a little backstory on Dark Waters, its creation, the characters, etc. Around 2016/2017, I entered a writing contest online and won. This was my second writing contest win, so I was very excited (The first win was for an erotica). By the time I made it to the third writing contest, I had created several stories, and Dark Waters was one of them. I didn’t submit it because I lost the third writing contest with another story. I was so crushed that I swore off writing contests for good, LOL! However, I had this story that I still wanted to use. First, I turned it into a pilot for a streaming scripted drama series in 2021. I love shows like Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots, so I created my own version. But, in 2022, I decided to turn it into a Kindle Vella story with weekly episodes before I could develop the screenplay. It did okay, but I believed Dark Waters had a lot more potential, and I didn’t want it to rot on Amazon Kindle Vella without my audience reading it. I feel this book is a little different from my other books because it wasn’t created as a novel as the others were; it was turned into one.

I wasn’t sure exactly who these characters were until I started writing them. At first, Judge Waters was a senator in Miami with a wife and three grown children. That part stayed, but I moved the setting to Philadelphia, made him a judge, and rewrote everything else. His mistress, Mia Thorn, is written after Mia Thornton from The Real Housewives of Potomac. I was writing the mistress’ part (her name was Keri), but Mia from the housewives was in my head the whole time like, You know the character you’re writing about is me, right? At first, I gave her a yea right, but Mia won. Also, I was watching TV one day and saw the actress Michael Michele, from New Jack City. When I saw her, I instantly had an idea for a character, and Faith Price was born.

I’m ready to share a lot more about Dark Waters, but I ask that you read it first, then join me on my book tour to tell me who your favorite character is and why, and let’s talk about it.

I look forward to hearing from you, and as always, thank you for supporting me,


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