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Betrayed: The Audiobook!


The last time we spent time together was in March. Since then, I’ve been working intensely with my narrator to bring Betrayed the audiobook to you by June 11th. Paradise Ocean Hotel was supposed to come out in March… then April… we skipped May altogether and settled on Friday, June 7th. Besides some minor recordings we have scheduled, the audio is ready. However, I’ve been giving Betrayed and the launch of my new website all my attention for the past two months. I will release the full stream of Paradise Ocean Hotel to YouTube in June after the audiobook for Betrayed is out. I’m also going to release the first half of Betrayed on YouTube—so you don’t miss out, subscribe to my channel @iamnickhaskins


When I return, I will share more about the rewriting process for Betrayed, the 11 new chapters, and more.


Well, I have a ton of work to do today, but I will post more on my blog (let’s shoot for twice a month). I also started writing my own email blasts, so you’ll see more of me there, too. Also, we will discuss my journey back to social media soon, so you don’t want to miss that either, LOL!


Please don’t forget to like this post, follow me on social media, and keep reading 🤟🏾❤

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