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Judge Waters and his wife Lillian's marriage suffers from the start. Judge Waters wants his mistress Mia—and Lillian wants Judge Waters to pay for breaking her heart, which he will . . .

Keenan Jr. wants money and power by any means necessary. However, amid his lying, cheating, and stealing, he forgets you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool karma, ever . . . 

Naomi, the bully of the family, is rough and tough, but even she's not prepared for the battle she'll face with her old boyfriend's new life. Jayceon hurt Naomi, so Naomi tries to hurt his wife, in the church, on their wedding day . . . 

Saint is the perfect one in the family. He's successful, has a beautiful new fiancée from Venezuela, and a baby on the way. The only problem is none of it's true. Saint's lies and BS are going to eventually get someone hurt, starting with him . . .

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