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Jennifer loves her husband, William, and his son, Billy, too...


The audiobook for fiction novel, Betrayed by Nick Haskins, available June 11th, 2024
Audiobook Coming Soon!

My gosh this was the ultimate betrayal. This was an absolute masterpiece of read from this author. This is my second book that I have read by this author, and the were jaw dropping stories. Nick Haskins is now on my favorite author list.


Amazon Review


This book was dynamite! Whew, which was the most exciting event! Nick Haskins is an excellent author, his works are always exciting yet full of suspense. The main character, William, seemed to be such a nice, mild mannered man who didn’t deserve the type of treatment he was getting. He devoted his life to his son. After his wife died he took care of his son, never dating or looking at a woman until his son was an adult. When he met the woman who stole his heart that’s when he let his son and other family members know about her. He wouldn’t marry her until he was satisfied that his son liked her. His son liked her, boy did he like her! Eventually his son and his wife got together! Shameless! I liked the element of surprise Nick wrote about concerning the three main characters: William, his son and his wife. What an ending!

Well written. Though predictable, it kept you wanting more. I appreciated the alternative ending.
I will be reading additional books written by this author!

‘Loved it’

Amazon Review

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